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Tina Joyner - Posted January 15
Thanks for this lovely history of our family.
Equilla Banks Webb - Posted October 29, 2016
Tony, the top pictures are Gadson Banks and Leah Banks.
Equilla Banks Webb - Posted October 29, 2016
Tony, the people in the photo are as follows: Sitting: Henry Banks, Leah Banks and George Banks (your grandfather); standing is John Banks.
Tony Banks (Bob and Elizabeth Banks) - Posted April 7, 2016
The photo's you have posted are very interesting in that I can see the "Banks" features in them and the same features in me (Nose, eyes, body type). Is it possible to identify by name who they are. Sadly, I have the group picture you have posted in my house but I can't name who they are by name. Thanks
Tori Robinson Pippins - Posted March 16, 2016
Ulysses Banks was my great grandfather. I truly love the idea of knowing where I come from!

Thanks Equilla!
Wallace Stanley Banks jr - Posted December 20, 2015
I am very glad to connect with my family.
Maxine Banks Wilkerson Allen - Posted June 30, 2014
My name is Maxine Yvonne Banks. I grew up in Little Rock and graduated from LRCH. My mother's maiden name was Rubye Scott and she is now deceased. I was born in 1950 (Dallas, TX) and never met my biological father. Does anyone know of a Max Banks or someone who may have used Max as a nickname? I have talked with Equilla and maybe we are related. Any information is appreciated.
Mercedes - Posted May 5, 2014
i just want to join
Mercedes - Posted May 5, 2014
may i join this site plz
Ernest Banks - Posted November 20, 2012
This is an awesome website. Im not sure who to talk to about adding my info to the site but my sister Tina Joyner is listed. She has all of my info in case whoever is in charge reads this message.
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